Airport Kiosk Shopping

by The Belle Voyage

airport kiosk shoppingWhenever I stroll through an airport these days, I can’t help but notice how airports are continuing to step up their shopping game. This not only makes me happy generally, but also, the fact that there are so many shopping options gives me some reassurance that I’m not the only one who can run up a credit card tab, even during a flight delay.

Other people have the need to shop all the time, too.  VALIDATION.

I have been especially excited about a new trend that seems to be popping up in airports lately: the airport kiosk.

What’s an airport kiosk?  I’m not talking about one of those booths you find in malls that sell either mobile phone cases or curling irons.  No – airport kiosks are more like souped-up vending machines, branded by a specific store, and are 100% automated.  They deliver everything to the weary traveler at the touch of a button – from Beats by Dre headphones to eye makeup remover.

There’s something so enticingly efficient about the airport kiosk.   Even if I’m in a hurry, I stop and stare at them, pleased that my subconscious shopping needs have been understood by someone.  I get in a bit of a trance, and marvel at the extent to which these airport kiosks can make me feel like I need a new nail polish – RIGHT THIS SECOND.  (Just in case I might be about to grab an airport manicure).

A few more things in my love letter to airport kiosk shopping:

The selection is focused.  Whatever you might want is just a push of a button away.  There’s no human interaction.  There is rarely a line.  You don’t have to drag your suitcase through the newsagent’s and dodge ten other passengers trying to buy Corn Nuts and Mentos in time for their flight.

All of these elements essentially TRANSFORM the airport shopping experience into something that is far less hassled than your average duty-free scene.

Check out a few of my favorite airport kiosks.  Spotted any of these lately?

Essie Nail Polish Airport Kiosk

Essie Color Boutique airport kiosks have such a clean, elegant design that you can’t help but want to get your hands on the entire parade of colors that you see in front of you.

essie airport kiosk

Guilty as charged.

I’d love it if the nail polishes also came in travel-size (you know I love a good miniature), and if the kiosks also carried other nail essentials – things like nail files, polish remover, or cuticle oil. Essie do you feel me?

Benefit’s Airport Kiosks

Benefit’s Glam Up & Away airport kiosks take the cake in terms of design.  I mean look:

benefit airport kiosk

In addition to resembling a vintage pink bus, I love that the Benefit airport kiosks offer plenty of travel-size beauty favorites – which is generally an area where Benefit excels.

All in all, they’re a beacon of hope for looking good post-red eye.

The Honest Company Airport Kiosks

The Honest On the Go Vending Machines are a brand spanking new product placement in airports.  As of now, the kiosks are located in five airports across the US. The kiosks sell eco-friendly, non-toxic travel essentials, that are sized to be travel-friendly.

honest company airport kiosk

The Honest Co airport kiosks have travel essentials like lip balm, toothpaste, sunscreen, bug spray and hand sanitizer.  The kiosks also feature beauty products including conditioning mist and shave oil, and also carry critical items for traveling parents like diapers, wipes and even baby swim trunks.

Amazon’s Kindle Kiosk

I have to imagine that the Amazon airport kiosks are targeting what I’ll call the “emergency entertainment” market.

I mean….how much would you shell out if you were about to board a 12-hour flight for a two-week trip and realized that your kindle is still safely tucked in your nightstand?  I thought so.

kindle kiosk


A few other types of kiosks worth keeping an eye out for are the Nespresso Cube, the 3 FL oz airport kiosk, and the Best Buy airport kiosk.  The latter seem to be everywhere so I’d be shocked if you haven’t scooped up an extra iPhone charger yet upon realizing that yours never made it out of your hotel room.

My Airport Kiosk Shopping Wishlist

If the gods of airport kiosk shopping are listening…I also have a bit of a wishlist.

I would love to see a Drybar airport kiosk filled with travel-size versions of some of my favorite hair products!

Also: SPANX.  In an ideal world, the SPANX airport kiosk would feature not only the life-saving undergarments that SPANX is known for, but ALSO tights and nylons.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten one of these things!

Finally, as long as I’m wishing….if there was an airport kiosk that sold splits of bubbly….I would be so, so very happy.  Or even just more mini kits with in-flight cocktail provisions – since carry on cocktails are 100% genius.

What else would you love to see in an airport kiosk?


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