The Best Eyeliner For Travel

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best travel eyeliner

A while back, I shared the contents of my travel makeup bag and how it all works together.  These are my tried-and-true favorites.

But being the makeup addict that I am, I’m always trying out new products, and when I find a new one that I love – I want to shout it from the rooftops.

For makeup to be a travel favorite of mine, it has to be two things: foolproof and long-lasting.  So here you have it: my new favorite eyeliner for travel, which has both qualities in spades.

I had heard so many good things about Stila’s waterproof eyeliner and finally had the chance to try it out when I bought this eyeliner sample set.  I immediately fell in love.

So here I am, shouting it from the rooftops!!!  Or…just…telling you.  Same same.

Honestly, all I need to tell you about this eyeliner is that it survived a 13 hour flight from LAX to Hong Kong and looked exactly the same when I landed as it did when I put it on in LA (I wish I could say the same for the rest of me).  I could probably end this post right now because that’s really all you need to know!

In my defense, I wasn’t just putting eyeliner on for a 13 hour flight, ok?  I was doing RESEARCH.

Anyway.  It comes in a multitude of colors (my favorites are black and dark brown, #basic) and will set you back twenty bucks.

What I love most about it, other than its ability to stay put, is that it’s a marker-style liner with an extremely fine tip.  If you’re like me and are not skilled in the art of applying eyeliner, this is by far the easiest one I’ve found – and I’ve tried A LOT.


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