Crossbody Bags for Travel

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Remember when fanny packs were all the rage?  Personally, I had a neon pink one.  It was a gift for my seventh birthday and I wore it EVERYWHERE.

There’s something to be said for wandering around hands-free, especially when it comes to travel.  Maybe the future traveler in me was on to something at an early age.

I can’t seem to find my pink fanny pack anywhere (mom?) but I’m sort of ok with that.  Especially since I’ve moved on to a new form of hands-free transit: crossbody bags.

Long live crossbody bags.

I can’t remember exactly when the crossbody bag trend started.  I’m sure I was late to the game, but once I bought mine, I haven’t looked back.

When it comes to travel, I typically bring two handbags: a larger tote bag with my laptop, and a crossbody bag.

Together, these two bags seem to check all the boxes for my handbag needs, no matter what sort of trip I’m on.

Crossbody bags are perfect for days spent wandering around a city, when you only need to tote the essentials.  Your bag stays close to your side, you won’t end the day with an aching shoulder, and you’ll be able to use your camera and check a map all without having to set your bag down.

In addition to all the practical benefits, crossbody bags just look so chic and polished.

I’d recommend getting one that’s convertible, meaning that the straps can be removed, so it can double as an evening clutch.   There’s a zillion cute options out there but here’s a few favorites for inspiration.

crossbody bags for travel

black / red / blue / white (convertible!) / camel / multi

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