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featured on hippie in heels

Well, hello!  Just when you thought I’d disappeared.  Really I’ve just been in manic travel mode, having spent the last few days in Chicago.  May was quite the whirlwind!

But more on that later…..for now, I’m so excited to be featured on the Hippie in Heels blog this week!

Every Sunday, Rachel features a travel blogger – and usually one who embraces the “girlie” side of travel.  In other words, people like me who are keenly interested in things like eyeliners that can last throughout a red eye flight.  Among other things.

You can ch-ch-check out the post here.  Lots of little gems including why my high school days have impacted my choice of luggage, travel pics (including some reeeeeally old ones, one with mama belle voyage and one with mr. belle voyage), and what beauty product I miss the most while traveling.  And for even more fun facts about the author behind this blog, you can check out a post I wrote on 25 things about me.

If you’ve never checked out the Hippie in Heels blog – it’s so unique and fun to read.  Rachel is an expat living in Goa, India.  She’s traveled to SO MANY far-flung corners of India and beyond – she’s fearless and inspirational.  Rachel has endless great stories from her travels and day-to-day life in India that always make me smile.

For another favorite guest article I’ve written, check out this post.

Hope you enjoy!

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