Packing for a Business Trip to Paris: Part Two

by The Belle Voyage

Business Trip to Paris

It’s finally here. As you read this, I’m probably somewhere over the Atlantic ocean, bound for the City of Light.

I started thinking about what to pack for my business trip to Paris not long after I booked it back in December, and even dedicated an entire post back in January to what I was considering bringing with me.   I guess you could say I’m excited.

By some miracle of Parisian weather, it’s looking like I’ll be incredibly fortunate during my trip. I had expected the worst for March weather, but according to the forecasts, I’m going to be treated to highs near 60 degrees and SUNSHINE!!!

In other words: perfect weather to ring in springtime in Paris.

Packing for a Business Trip to Paris: On the Plane

Figuring out what to wear on a long haul flight is always a challenge.  For the twelve-hour overnight flight to Paris from California, I’m honestly tempted to just wear pajamas. But since I’m traveling with colleagues, I’m planning to wear a variation of my normal work travel outfit so that I can be comfortable but still put-together.

For this trip, I’m planning on wearing my favorite black skinny jeans, a long tunic-style sweater to keep me warm, black ankle boots, and a scarf.  I always end up freezing on international flights, so I’m also bringing some cozy wool socks and an extra long-sleeve layer, just in case I need it.

Once I arrive, I’ll do a quick version of my Post-Redeye Beauty Routine to clean up from the looooong flight.

Packing for a Business Trip to Paris: Essential Work Pieces

Since this is a business trip, I’m relying on a few staples from my business travel capsule wardrobe, including my black wool suit, a gray cardigan, and a few other dresses. Those pieces will cover the days when I’m in meetings.

In addition to my staples, I couldn’t resist adding a few new pieces for this trip, so I also scooped up this simple A-line dress, and this neutral tweed dress, both of which I’m planning to wear with tights and black ankle boots.

Most of these work pieces can be styled a bit more casually, so I can also make them work for dinners or drinks in the evenings.  I tend to gravitate towards neutrals when it comes to clothes (and pretty much everything – hello blog design). This makes packing pretty easy, since black, white, gray and taupe mix and match well. The only problem is that it can get boring.

So when I saw this coat the other day while in J.Crew, I snagged it, knowing it would be a beautiful pop of color to top off my neutral outfits.

It’ll also be the perfect piece to keep me toasty warm while I explore the city. I know 60 degrees is balmy for most of you, but what can I say – I’m used to San Diego weather!

Packing for a Business Trip to Paris: Vacation on the Side

Now for the fun part: I’m also tacking on a few days at the end of my trip to relax and enjoy Paris. What’s on my agenda?

A Secret Wine Bar tour, a day trip to Epernay to indulge my love of Champagne, dinner with a longtime girlfriend, shopping in Le Marais, wandering through Montmarte, and boutique-hopping in St. Germaine.

Oh…and a special surprise that I can’t wait to share with you!

I’m bringing a few more staples for this part of the trip:

Tops: a favorite slouchy gray sweater, two sweaters I got for Christmas (here and here, and both now on sale!), long-sleeve shirts for layering, a casual button-down, blouses for dinners out (taupe, matte gray, navy, pink, and ivory), as well as my favorite camisole in different colors.

Bottoms: a pair of cropped black skinny jeans, a pair of dark denim jeans, and my favorite pair of coated jeans to dress things up (it is Paris after all).

Shoes: my favorite taupe ankle boots, comfy and cute sneakers, and black ballet flats.  As you can see, I’m making an exception to my normal packing rule of packing only two pairs of shoes.

Accessories: I’ll bring a tote bag as well as a cross-body bag for exploring, and as for jewelry, I plan to follow my rule of three necklaces – I just haven’t decided which ones yet!

So did I manage to fit all of this into a carry-on bag? I’ll let you know!  Follow me on Instagram to keep up with my Parisian adventures!

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