Packing Jeans for Every Destination

by The Belle Voyage

Now that it’s May, it feels like summer is FINALLY within reach.

Summer means travel.

Honestly, if I was a betting woman (which I am – see you Saturday, Las Vegas ), I’d bet you’re traveling somewhere this summer.

I’d also be willing to double down and bet that you’ll be packing jeans for your trip.

Pretty safe bet, I know.

Denim is one of my closet staples, but it’s also one of my packing staples.  I can’t really even think of a trip I’d go on without packing jeans.

It used to be that jeans were just that – jeans.  Of the stonewashed, unflattering variety.  But now there are so many denim options out there, there’s pretty much a pair of jeans for every trip.

Since a lot of my travel is work-related, I usually reach for a black pair to wear on the plane, and wear them during my trip to dress down outfits for casual dinners.  In fact, I even wrote an entire blog post celebrating the versatility of black denim.

Despite the fact that packing jeans pretty much guarantees you plenty of outfits, there’s no doubt that jeans are also destination-specific.  As in: you’re probably not packing the same jeans for Maui as you are for NYC.

So here’s a few ideas for what jeans to pack for that summer trip that’s undoubtedly right around the corner!

Packing Jeans


black / distressed / light wash / coated / white / bootcut / gray

photo credit: Jeans Style via photopin (license)

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