Reversible Tote Bags for Travel

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reversible tote bags for travel

You guys know that one of my favorite packing tips is to pack REVERSIBLE stuff.  I have written so many posts about reversible clothing for travel that I probably sound like a broken record.

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So yeah – I guess I have a lot to say on this topic!

Turns out I STILL have more to say.  Allow me to introduce you to the reversible tote bag.

By reversible, I mean a tote bag that switches from one color (or pattern) to another.  Giving you a heaping two bags in one – which is obviously unbeatable in the name of all things travel.

I don’t have one to call my own just yet, but putting together this post has me itching to add one of these to my travel favorites.  Here’s a few different flavors of reversible totes that I found as a starting point:

Reversible Totes for Under $100

Yeah, you read that correctly.  I was pleasantly surprised to find so many affordable options out there for reversible tote bags.

Target carries a reversible tote bag that comes in a TON of different color options.  It’s also a budget-friendly $37 so there’s really no excuse NOT to get one.

Urban Outfitters carries a cute reversible tote that has really pretty metal detailing.  You can also fold down the top of the bag to have both colors show at the same time.  It’s a steal at $54, and I love the brown/turquoise option!

Street Level makes a vegan option carried by Nordstrom that is only $48, and comes in SIX different reversible options.  Juuuuuust in case you can’t pick one.  Oh and it also comes with a matching wristlet, which is awesome.  So that’s like…..3 bags in 1.  I love the navy/taupe option, since I haven’t seen that many other places.

Designer Reversible Tote Bags

If you’re interested in a designer reversible tote, you’re in luck – since it seems like couture is beginning to embrace the reversible trend.

Gucci makes a reversible tote that changes between black and a pattern so it’s super versatile.

And if that’s not enough – Valentino makes a rockstar stud reversible tote that reverses from black to cognac.  I guess having a 2-in-1 handbag helps justify the $3,500 price tag?  The bag style is one of my favorites, though – I love the edginess that the studs add to the otherwise classic shape.  I’ve had my eye on one for a while, but it wasn’t until researching this post that I knew there was a reversible edition.  Blogging can be such a learning experience.

Reversible Tote Bags With Beautiful Details

I have this thing for laser-cut details.  I have a dress with laser-cut trim on the bottom, and I reeeeeeally considered buying a leather skirt with a similar pattern.  I think the cutouts are just so, so unique and pretty.  So imagine my delight with this laser-cut reversible tote bag that switches from charcoal gray to navy.

This faux leather reversible tote has chic woven leather (or not leather, I guess) detailing that creates a really cool pattern.  The fact that it comes in mint green is just the icing on top.

Here’s another reversible tote that has a cross-body strap detail AND reverses to a metallic color – which is a win in my book.  I mean – SHOW me something that this wouldn’t go with.

Finally, this reversible tote is possibly my favorite.  It’s reversible between a neutral color (cognac), AND rose gold!  I have a rose gold obsession that is no secret, so this bag is feeding the addiction.  Oh also, the bag is only $40 so that is a huge bonus.  Maybe I’ll get two, one in each color – HA.

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