Surf Air: Unlimited Flights

by The Belle Voyage


Whenever anything is advertised as “All You Can Eat”, I always see it as some sort of personal challenge – one that’s speaking directly to me.

And I want to respond with defiance.

Like: watch THIS, Pizza Hut lunch buffet.  I will consume more industrial-grade carbs in the next 30 minutes than Michael Phelps could dream of inhaling and you and your buffet will not make a DOLLAR off me.  SO THERE.

Imagine how I felt when I heard about the concept of “All You Can Fly”.  In other words: the promise of fulfilling one’s insatiable need to travel for $1,750 per month (or $58/day).

The convenience and accessibility of a private jet without the price tag?  No TSA frisking?  Please, allow me to move to the front of the line.

Has anybody else heard of Surf Air?

If Uber and Netflix had an air-travel baby, this would be it.  Members of the Surf Air service get an unlimited number of flights within Surf Air’s destinations – which currently include multiple cities in southern and northern California, as well as Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas .

Flights are booked via Surf Air’s phone app, and as soon as you’ve completed one flight, you can book the next.

In the same way that Uber enables the guy next door to be a “baller on a budget” (I can’t believe I just typed that) with a town car on-demand, Surf Air gives anyone with a bunch of extra cash the ability to skip the hassle of flying commercial and essentially have the travel experience that comes with having a private jet – with just a few other passengers.

I mean – it’s cheaper than NetJets and you might even make some new friends.

The founders of the company have now started another company, Beacon, which has a similar model but is based on the East coast, with an initial routes between New York, Boston, Nantucket and The Hamptons.

The verdict?

As much as I’d love the opportunity to push the envelope in terms of defining – literally – how much I could fly in any given month, at this point my travel desires are more broad geographically than what Surf Air offers.  So it wouldn’t be worth $1,750/month for me – not that I have that sort of cash burning a hole in my pocket anyways!  But I think it’s a very cool concept.

What do you think – would you sign up for unlimited airfare?  What’s the most you’d pay?

image via silicon beach clearly 

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