Tailwind Analytics for Pinterest: How To Grow Your Blog Like Crazy

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By now, you’ve probably read about how awesome Tailwind is for growing blog traffic using Pinterest.  Maybe you’ve even used it already!

Whether you have or haven’t yet started using Tailwind, this post shares some of the most valuable things I’ve learned, which took me MONTHS of trial and error to discover on my own.  Once I started uncovering the wealth of information behind Tailwind’s powerful analytics, my blog traffic from Pinterest took off like crazy.  Tailwind analytics for Pinterest have become somewhat of a secret sauce for my blog.

tailwind analytics pinterest

Tailwind Analytics: More than Just Scheduling

When I first started using Tailwind as a strategy to grow my blog, I was hooked on how easy it became to pin in bulk and schedule pins ahead of time.  For the first few months, that was all I used it for.  It saved me so. much. time.  I got to the point where I only had to work on Pinterest once a month, and within a few hours, my pinning for that month was all set up!  I still use Tailwind in this way and I will probably never give it up.

Eventually, I started exploring Tailwind’s other features, including its analytics capabilities, and that is when Tailwind really started making an impact on my blog statistics.

If you haven’t signed up for Tailwind yet, I highly, highly recommend it!

It has been a game-changer for my blog, and the monthly subscription is worth EVERY PENNY.  Seriously.  If you could only pick one thing to spend money on for your blog, I’d choose Tailwind over anything else, hands-down.  Check out this screenshot from my Google analytics:

google analytics tailwind

Numbers don’t lie – I noticed a huge change as soon as I started using Tailwind.  I just wish I’d explored it sooner.

Oh!  And you can try it out for free.  So no excuses.

OK – so before we get in to Tailwind’s analytics – here’s a bit of important background on Pinterest.

Inside Pinterest: Why Re-pins Matter

Pinterest wants its users to like what they’re seeing, so that they find Pinterest valuable and will want to keep using it.  Simple, right?

To do that, Pinterest’s algorithm shows users the pins that they are most likely to like and find useful.  How does Pinterest know what you’ll like?  Well, one predictor is how many times a certain pin has been re-pinned.  Another measure is by how often the pins from the original “author” of the pin are re-pinned.

For example: Pinterest is more likely to show me a pin that has 1,000 re-pins than a pin with only 10 repins – because its logic figures that I’m more likely to value the pin that’s been re-pinned 1,000 times – since 1,000 other people have found it to be valuable.

Another example: let’s take two Pinterest users: User A and User B.  User A’s pins get re-pinned all the time.  User B’s pins only get re-pinned every once in a while.  Well, Pinterest is more likely to show me pins created by User A, because Pinterest predicts that those pins will be more valuable to me since User A’s pins generally get lots of repins.

Make sense?  The bottom line is: get lots of repins for your pins!

Using Tailwind analytics to grow your blog

So how does Tailwind analytics help with growing your blog?  Well, Tailwind gives you a reeeeeeally easy way to measure how you’re doing in terms of re-pins, and it also gives you direction in terms of how you can improve

Are you all set up yet with Tailwind?  Good.

If not – click here to sign up.  Do it.  It’s FREE for your first 100 pins and there’s no credit card required to sign up.

Ok….are you back?

Inside Tailwind’s Analytics Capabilities

Tailwind’s analytics features make it really easy to grow your blog – it just takes a little bit of understanding in order for the analytics information to actually be helpful.  So here we go:

Within Tailwind, on the left-hand side, click on “Track Your Brand Page”, and then select “Board Insights”.  You’ll see a list of your boards come up, with various metrics associated with each board.

Where to start?

Virality Score on Pinterest

Start by looking at your virality score for each board.

Your ultimate goal is to get your virality score as high as possible, because this is an indicator of how valuable other users are finding your pins – and how popular Pinterest thinks you are.

Virality score is a measure of how many average re-pins per pin a certain board has.  So if your board has 20 pins that have an average of 2 re-pins each, your virality score is 2.

First let’s see how you’re doing.  Select the arrow under virality score that will sort your boards in order from highest to lowest.  Up at the top, you can decide whether to include only your boards, group boards, or secret boards in the list.  You can play around with that and see what you find most helpful.

Here’s a screenshot of my Tailwind analytics:

tailwind analytics pinterest

The boards at the top have your highest virality score – these boards are your golden eggs!  You’re doing something right with these boards because the pins on this board are getting lots of re-pins.  That’s great!  Check out the content of these boards and see what similarities exist across it – and pin more of that!

What about the boards that aren’t doing so well?  Welp, that is how Tailwind gives you guidance for where you can improve – by focusing on increasing your virality score for those boards!

How to increase your virality score on Pinterest

There’s a few ways that you can use Tailwind to help increase your vitality score, leading to more re-pins, and ultimately, more traffic to your blog!  Here’s some of the methods that I have used with success:

1) Keep one Pinterest board that only has pins from your blog and use it strategically.

This is where you should initially pin your own blog posts when they are first published.  Put another way, only pin directly from your blog ONCE – and pin it to this board.  Then, to share your pin further, re-pin it from your “home” board – and not directly from your blog!  This will skyrocket your virality score for your home board, helping to increase your vitality score overall.

You can see here how I’ve set up my Pinterest boards.  (Also a shameless plug to follow me on Pinterest :-))

2) Participate in facebook group threads that are specifically for pinterest.

In these threads, you’ll add your pin, and then you’re obligated to pin the pins of everyone else who participates.  This can be a great way to jumpstart your re-pin rate!  I recommend finding facebook groups that are specifically in your niche, otherwise you’ll end up with all kinds of random pins that don’t relate to your blog focus.  For example, my focus is travel, so I participate in facebook groups that are travel-specific and host daily, weekly, or monthly pinterest threads.

3) Create a Tailwind Tribe with other bloggers in your niche

Tribes are another great feature of Tailwind.  Tribes are groups of users with similar interests, that agree to re-pin each others’ pins.  It’s SUPER simple to organize and invite other users within Tailwind, and it’s another great way to bump up your re-pin rate!

tailwind tribes

4) Delete under-performing pins and boards

I know – this sounds crazy!  But one way to up your average vitality score is to remove the low scores.  To do this, consider deleting pins with low re-pin rates, and leaving group boards with low virality scores.  I know, I know.  It sounds counter-intuitive – and it might not be the best strategy for everyone.  But ultimately, it will help to increase your overall virality score and make you even more popular in Pinterest’s eyes.

I usually go through my boards once a month and implement one of the above strategies.  If, after a few months, it hasn’t helped to increase my vitality score for that board, I will consider deleting it.

So what’s a good virality score?

That’s a hard question to answer, since every niche is so different.  But as a rule of thumb, I would say that anything above 5 would be a very good virality score.

I hope these tips have helped you use Tailwind’s analytics for Pinterest and grow your blog like crazy!

Have you used Tailwind analytics to grow your blog?  Let me know in the comments!

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