Tory Burch Eye Makeup for Travel

by The Belle Voyage

Now that the Super Bowl is behind us…let’s talk BEAUTY, shall we?

My motto when it comes to travel?  No beauty product left behind.

Ha – not really.  I’d need my own plane.

But I do like to pack beauty products so that I can at least FEEL like I have tons of makeup options with me, while still packing light at the same time.

We’ve talked in previous beauty heart-to-hearts about the products that are always in my travel makeup bag, and I even wrote an entire post on how to choose and pack the best eye makeup for travel.  Then I walked through what makes a makeup palette perfect for travel.

Serious, important stuff.

If there’s one thing I love in the world of beauty products, it’s an eyeshadow palette that can adapt to any occasion.  Why?  They’re perfect for travel, of course.

That’s why I was delighted this weekend to see that Tory Burch has made her foray into the world of eye makeup….and she totally nailed it.

tory burch eye makeupFor a long time, Tory Burch has made travel makeup bags that are almost too pretty to shove in a suitcase (see my favorites here and here).

 Jetsetter that she is, Tory has put together brand new palettes that are completely perfect to toss in your suitcase.  Small and lightweight, all of the Tory Burch eye makeup palettes have six colors that can be layered, used for liners, or worn all alone.  All of which means that these palettes are begging to be brought along on spring break.  There are multiple color options, and you can pre-order them here.

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