Travel Photo Souvenirs: Artifact Uprising

by The Belle Voyage

photo souvenir

I am a picture person.

And as much as I love the age of digital photography, the old fashioned part of me misses having photo souvenirs from my travels that I can actually hold and display.

I have SO MANY photo albums from back in the day, but they stop right around 2005, which was when digital photography really started to get better and cheaper.  Around that time, I just stopped ordering prints.

Of course, I know that it only takes a few clicks on Snapfish to translate my photos from their original digitalness to a stack of 4×6 glossies…but I just never do it.  I bet you probably don’t either.   You have to be at your computer, remember your password, upload stuff, blah blah.  It’s not hard, but I can just never seem to get myself to do it.

I actually WANT to have tangible photos from my travels.  But here’s the thing: it has to be easy.  And cute.

Artifact Uprising is both.  Their tagline is “Inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible”.  YES, tell me more.  They’re all about translating the beauty of your photos into tangible memories that look more like artwork than they do photos.

I love their website, but I think their best feature is their app for your phone that will sync right up with your instagram, allowing you to order printed photos with just a few taps.  In addition to photo prints, you can also create photo books, cards, and wall art with just a few more taps right from your phone.

And the photo prints are actually – dare I say it – cool.  Printed on thick paper, they have almost a vintage look to them, being square and bordered.  Not your average 4×6 snap.

photo souvenir 2

I decided to give their photo prints a spin with some photos from my recent trips to Hawaii and Kauai.  They had a promotion for 25 free prints so I figured – what the heck.  (I think this is still going on, by the way – if you want to check them out).

Literally, I had a few spare minutes while I was waiting to pick up some takeout, and gave the app a whirl.  Super easy – and I even felt productive while waiting for my pad thai.

And let me tell you – I was sooooo excited when my envelope of prints arrived a few days later!  I’ve been showing them off to anyone who will pay attention.  I love them all so much that I’m planning to buy one of these wood blocks to use to display them on my desk.

Now that I know it’s so easy to order unique-looking photo souvenirs, you can believe I’ll be filling up my photo albums once again.

photo souvenir 3

Note: this is not a sponsored post.  I just really loved my experience with Artifact Uprising!

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