Travel Size MAC Cosmetics

by The Belle Voyage

Looking for the best travel size MAC Cosmetics?  This post has you covered!  I’ve got all the info on the very best picks for MAC cosmetics in travel size, along with exactly where to buy them.  And as an added bonus?  I’ll even tell you how to pack them.

MAC Sized To Go

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you know that I get super excited about beauty products that come in miniature versions.  They are cute, obviously, but they are also perfect for traveling since it’s one less thing you have to decant into a travel-sized container, making packing your liquids for traveling that much easier.

So every time I find something new, you’ll probably hear about it.  K?

Finding MAC Cosmetics in Travel Size

While I was in Denver, I was hanging out at MAC while my sister-in-law looked for the perfect lipstick.   While she tried on various versions of Viva Glam, I was poking around by the cash registers when I spotted a BUFFET of mini versions of MAC products, everything from lip gloss to skin care.  Travel sized MAC cosmetics?  YES!   MAC calls it their Sized To Go Collection.

Am I the only one who didn’t know about this?  I’ve shopped at MAC for years, have never seen these before and am usually ALL OVER mini products.  Welp, I did some research and turns out that the collection just launched earlier this spring.  I guess I haven’t been hiding under a rock for that long.  Maybe this is the first you’re hearing about it too?

The collection includes both skincare and makeup and EVERYTHING is only $10.  Sweet.

The Best Travel Size MAC Cosmetics

There’s three kinds of mascara: Zoom Lash, False Lashes, and False Lashes in Extreme Black

A ton of different shades of lipglass and eye shadow pigment 

A ton of 1 oz. skincare products including a cleanser, moisturizer, wipes, oil control lotion and eye makeup remover.  There’s also a mini version of a product called Fix+ which I have not used before, but based on the description, sounds amazing for a post-flight makeup refresh.

So you can pretty much cruise by MAC before your next trip and be all set for your next out-of-town jaunt.  Enjoy and let me know what you pick up!

How to Pack Your Travel Size MAC Products

Packing beauty products for travel isn’t easy!  That’s why I’ve written an entire blog post about it.  Oh, and here’s the only travel toiletry packing list you’ll ever need.

Need more help packing?  Check out my very best packing tips for women.  Happy travels!

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