What to Pack for Hawaii

by The Belle Voyage

I spent a good chunk of time this weekend thinking about what to pack for Hawaii.  And if I’m being honest, wishing I was already there.

My trip may only be less than a week away, but I’m already halfway checked out of real life.  Instead of running errands today, I’ve been daydreaming about flopping in a lounge chair with an umbrella drink, and a some reading materials that, if you were being judgmental, could reasonably be deemed FLUFF.

Bring it on!

On the very serious side, I’m also chewing over whether or not I can pack everything in a carry on bag.

I KNOW.  Usually this isn’t even up for debate.  Even thinking about it makes me start to get a little stressed.  But two weeks seems to be the threshold at which I can no longer just…keep calm and carry on.  (Had to).

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So, as much as I wanted to write a post about how to pack for Hawaii in a carry on bag, it would just be a litany of LIES.  You guys keep me honest.

Anyway, as I was thinking about what to pack for Hawaii, and perusing the internets for inspiration, my online shopping cart kept gravitating towards the same things.  When I pulled them all together, it was clear: my mantra for hawaii packing seems to be fifty shades of blue, bright whites, and a side of rose gold.  What do you think?


Destination Hawaii

maxi dress / denim cutoffs / chambray / necklace / bracelet / tank / surf spray / hat / sandals / sunglasses

I have also given great, extensive thought to defining the optimal vacation days to swimsuit ratio when it comes to packing.  Is it 3 : 1?  5 : 1?  2 : 1?  Am I overthinking it and involving too much math?

But really – if I’m in Hawaii for 13 days, how many swimsuits do I bring?


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