5 Women’s Laptop Bags that are Perfect for Travel

by The Belle Voyage

At my last job, everyone received a standard-issue laptop bag on their first day.  Something that looked sort of like THIS:


I took one look at it and knew that it would just gather dust in my cubicle.

The thing is, there was nothing really WRONG with it.  It’s just that I had done my share of toting around laptop bags and always had a few issues with them.  Just personally I mean.  The first is that I always found it awkward to tote around both a handbag and a laptop bag.  Do they go on the same shoulder?  Different shoulders?  One or both would inevitably start to slide down towards my elbow and then I’d have to stop and readjust, only to have the same thing happen again.  Add a stack of magazines to carry and it was all over.

The second is that carrying a laptop bag is so much extra weight.  I know that there are backpack ones, and styles with wheels, but I don’t love the backpack look and I am not coordinated enough to wheel both a laptop bag AND a carry on through a terminal and manage to dodge crowds with both bags.  And again with the stack of magazines.

At security…the laptop bag is one more thing that has to be opened, computer removed, re-packed once you’re through, etc.  I am all about minimizing my time going through security and the laptop bag just slows me down.

Lastly, it is way too easy to get separated from your laptop bag on a plane.  There’s no way your handbag is going anywhere but under the seat in front of you, meaning that there’s no room there for the laptop bag, meaning that the laptop bag goes in the overhead compartment.  Once it’s up there, it is so easy to forget when you’re de-planing.  Or maybe the guy in the seat in front of you walks off with it because your laptop bag looks JUST LIKE HIS.

Which brings me to the real last point – which is that laptop bags…just.  Don’t.  Look.  Good.  There!  I said it.  Judge away!

Anyway.  I could go on.  But the point is that you don’t have to accept the status quo laptop bag because there are so many alternatives!  Ones with curb appeal!  I am here to help save you from making a laptop bag mistake.  Allow me to introduce you to multiple options for handbags that also double as a laptop bags:

Laptop Bag Alternatives

Clockwise from top left:


Not only will you look stylish while you’re traipsing through the airport, but you’ve got a bag for your trip that you won’t want to leave in your hotel room.

And I know – number four is kiiiiind of a stretch.  But a girl can dream!

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