Why I Always Pack a Dress

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The rest of you can look a hot mess….as long as you have on a dress.



That’s why I always pack a dress!  Thanks to Kendi for this new favorite saying that I will now use to justify future dress purchases for all eternity.

Honestly, whenever I don’t know what to wear, I throw on a dress.  Sometimes, just the fact that I don’t have to pick TWO outfit pieces just makes things seem so much easier.  Am I…..lazy?  Or just efficient?

Whatever the answer is, the ease of a dress is essentially the same reason why I love packing them when I travel.  I almost always have one or two with me in my bag.  It’s one less thing to coordinate and not to mention, a dress will take up less space in a bag than a separate top and bottom.  (Leaving more room to buy more dresses at your destination, obviously.  See the title of this post.  Repeat.)

Now that we have plenty of reasons to pack dresses…here’s a few ideas for dress inspiration for your next vacay / work trip / girls trip / whatever.

Work trip:  This gray dress is gorgeous (and on sale, need I say more, code: SHOPNOW), this dress has sleeves which I love, and this one has a great pattern that’s unique but not too craaaazy for work.

Girls trip: I love fun dinners out when I travel with my girlfriends.  Rebecca Taylor has such beautiful cocktail dresses – they’re a splurge but there are a few I can’t get off my mind: this white one with nailhead trim and this black one with just the right amour of leather.  Hot!

Any trip: For wherever!  Another beautiful pattern, a dress that makes me want to wander cobblestone streets in Europe, and another wear-anywhere staple.

You have probably noticed that I have a thing for black and white.  And gray.  It’s probably not going to stop anytime soon.

And for some blog love, here’s a few more dress crushes on my mind…

Jacey @ Damsel in Dior in this gorgeous wrap dress: currently in my nordstrom.com shopping cart, ya’ll!

Donna @ The Stylemma in an amazingly versatile black summer t-shirt dress: Under $30?  Yes please.

Kendi @ Kendi Everyday in a black dress that does magic: as she puts it – the rest of you can look like a mess when you have on a pretty dress.  Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Would love to hear about your go-to travel dress!

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