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Thanks for visiting my contact page! One of the best parts of writing a travel blog is interacting with my readers. I sincerely enjoy the connections that I’ve made through blogging.

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I do get many questions with common themes, so I’ve included some frequently asked questions and responses below. Have a look to see if your question might already be addressed here.


I am flattered that you’re asking! There’s nothing I love more than helping make travel more accessible to women around the world. That said, there are a lot of you, and if I offered this kind of personalized service, I wouldn’t have time to blog!

I try to offer my best general advice in each of my blog posts. If you’re looking for specific or individual advice, I recommend working with a travel agent or coordinator who can give you recommendations for your trip.

You can also check out my travel tips page for general advice on travel planning.

I am currently working on refining my guidelines for guest posts. Check back for updates!

It’s a long one! I started my very first “travel blog” back in 2012 when I did a solo trip to Europe for three weeks. 10+ years later, I can’t even remember what I called it, but I built it just to share photos from my trip with friends and family back home, and also to let my parents know I was still alive. (Still am. Hi, Mom).

Along the way, I realized that I really loved sharing stories about my trips and started looking for a way to turn blogging into a business. In 2014, I created The Belle Voyage as a way to share my love of travel with other female travelers. It began as a hobby that I would work on during weekends and late at night.

Since then, I’ve done pretty much EVERYTHING wrong, and learned a ton along the way. In fact, most of the original (bad, just really bad) content from ten years ago is no longer on the site! There are probably STILL tons of things I’m doing wrong, ha. And every time I learn something new, I go back and undo what I did in the past. Blogging might be the one journey that I never complete, and I’m so very happy about it.

For more background on me and my story, you can check out my About page, as well as a post I wrote a while back with 25 Things About Me. As an introvert, I cringe sharing pretty much anything in a public forum, but I know it helps to see that there’s a real person behind this screen!

If you read my answer above, you might think twice about asking for help with your blog, ha!

As of now, my blog is focused entirely on travel itself, rather than the business of travel blogging. There are so many great travel bloggers that do offer advice on blogging, though – a quick online search should get you some great leads.

There are so many places on my travel wish list that it’s hard to pick. I’m hoping to visit Mexico City and Scotland sometime soon, and also spend more time in England outside of London .

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