New York City: Packing for Work + Fun

by The Belle Voyage

Packing for work and play

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Recently, I had to be in New York for work on a Friday and again the following Monday – Wednesday.  Rather than criss-crossing the country, I decided to just stay over the weekend.

Since I was mixing work and play, my trip included the following: a Broadway show, tons of walking, two work conferences, networking events, a work dinner, and dinners with friends.  Oh, and crazy weather: 80 degree days and 50 degree nights.

So at home that’s like…10 different outfits.

There’s no way all of that would fit into one carry on, especially with room to spare (naturally, I was planning strategically for NYC shopping, one reason why New York City packing is always difficult).

In the end, I managed to pack 6 days’ worth of stuff into a carry on bag – AND I still had room leftover in my bag to do some shopping.  That is a packing success if there ever was one.

I picked three of my favorite, most versatile pieces to bring with me as a foundation for 6 days on the road: my black Kate Spade sheath dress (on sale!), my Paige black skinny jeans, and my Rebecca Taylor moto jacket (similar – also on sale!).  These all work so well for traveling because they can be dressed up and down, and they each pair with plenty of other clothing pieces, as well as multiple kinds of shoes.

The black dress: I wore this to the Broadway show, along with a statement necklace and heels.  Then, I wore it on Monday to my work conference with a cardigan, and again on Wednesday to the conference with my moto jacket.

The black skinny jeans: I wore these with ballet flats on the flights to and from NYC, along with my moto jacket and one of my favorite linen t-shirts (on sale!  which is pretty much the only time I ever buy them!).  Then, I wore the jeans again on Saturday night with a cute top and black heels to meet up with friends for dinner.

The moto jacket: Worn on the flights to and from, with my black dress to the conference, and with the black skinny jeans for my work dinner.

To keep things fresh, I brought lots of lighter layers for underneath the jacket, and another pair of jeans for wandering around the city during the daytime.

The other reason these three pieces work so well for a multi-faceted trip is because they are all built around one color – black – which tends to be my go-to color palette when it comes to packing.  Black is great for transitioning from day to night, which was key for me on this trip.

So there you have it: the pieces that allowed me to have enough space in my bag to enjoy shopping New York-style for a weekend!


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