Travel Size Beauty Products You Didn’t Know Existed

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What do shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body wash, and moisturizer all have in common?

They’re all super easy to find as travel size beauty products. As in: if your drugstore doesn’t carry these basics, just cut your losses and find a new drugstore.  But what about all of the other beauty products you’d want to bring on a trip?

travel size beauty products


I’m talking about the details.  Things like foundation primer, eye makeup remover and self-tanner.  All of the stuff that you still want to pack, but collectively take up a ton of space.

Honestly, if I packed full-size versions of all my daily beauty products, I could probably fill a separate suitcase altogether. And I don’t even think I’m all that high-maintenance. Although now that I write this, I may be reconsidering.

Anyway. Since I almost always travel with a carry on bag, I’m forced to fit everything I need into a tiny one-quart bag.   Yep – eye cream, face serum, eye makeup primer, etc. – all in a little plastic bag. Mission impossible for many of us.

The good news is that it can be done. There is hope!

Travel Size Beauty Products You Never Knew Existed

I wrote a post a while back sharing my strategy for packing beauty products, and another post about where to find travel size beauty products.

BUT…there’s also a whole world out there of travel size beauty products that you probably never even knew EXISTED.  Did you know that self-tanner comes in travel size?  What about travel-size face masks?  Read on!

Here are a few of my favorite finds so that you can think outside of travel size toothpaste for your next trip!


Travel Size BeautyFace: primer / setting spray / mask / tweezers / mascara & liner set / eyeshadow primer / eye de-puffing gel / face brush / bb cream

Body: self-tanner / nail polish remover / razor / glitter polish remover / moisturizing oil

Hair: root concealer / dry shampoo / texturizing spray / my favorite hairspray / sea salt spray




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