7 Travel Essentials to Pack for Every Trip

by The Belle Voyage

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No matter where I’m going, there are a few non-clothing items that I bring with me on Every.  Single.  Trip.  And I can’t tell you how many times one of these has saved me from some sort of travel snafu.  Think of this list as the Girl Scout’s approach to traveling – you will always be prepared.  Even better: none of these things take up a lot of space so next time you’re heading out of town, toss them in your bag and save yourself some strife.

What to Pack for Every Trip

Earplugs: Snoring, loud neighbors, city traffic, and hotel hallway chatter are all things that have kept me up on the road.  It can be hard enough to get a decent night’s sleep in an unfamiliar place, but nonstop noise just makes it that much worse.  I keep earplugs in my travel toiletry bag so that they’re always there when I need them.

Collapsable water bottle: This falls into the category of “why didn’t they think of this sooner?”.  I always liked the idea of bringing a water bottle while traveling but hated toting around something bulky.  The bottles from Vapur are awesome!  They roll up when you’re not using them so they’re easy to toss in a purse, and they come with a clip if you need to attach it to something.  Vapur even has versions with built-in filters.

Lint roller: Admittedly, sometimes I will leave this one at home if I’m just going on vacation, but on work trips it’s a necessity.  I always end up packing a lot of black clothing and somehow my clothes always end up covered in lint.  I picked up a travel-sized lint roller which doesn’t take up a ton of space in my bag.  If I’m really pressed for extra room in my bag, I’ll pull off a few individual sheets from the roller and fold them sticky-sides together, toss them in a sandwich bag and into my suitcase.  Usually I don’t need more than 2 or 3 sheets on each trip so this trick really helps – and I just leave them in my carry on so that I don’t even have to think about it when packing.

Scented travel candle: Right now this little guy is in my suitcase, waiting for my next trip.  Hotels can smell so sterile and a familiar scent always makes my hotel room feel just a little cozier.

Plastic bag: Any bag, from anywhere for anything.  I try to bring both a reusable one (Baggu’s are awesome) and a plastic one – for different purposes.  Most often I end up using the plastic bags for shoes or dirty clothes, and the reusable one can double as another carry on bag if I happen to end up shopping while I’m away.  Which seems to happen pretty often.

Snack bar: I always stash a few bars in my purse because you just NEVER know.  Between flight delays, airport food, closed restaurants or just plain nowhere to eat, it’s always a good idea to have a food back-up plan.  All of the times I’ve arrived at a hotel at 2am thanks to a flight delay or have had to run to catch a flight with no time to grab a snack, I have been so glad I’ve had just a little something with me.  Kind bars are awesome.

Travel pack of baby wipes: Spills, sticky fingers, sweat, dirty bathrooms or hotel rooms – traveling is not exactly a hub of cleanliness.  Toss in a travel pack of baby wipes and you will be glad you have something to clean no matter what sort of mess comes your way!

What did I miss?  Any travel essentials that are always in your bag?

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