Packing Shoes for Travel

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Packing shoes for travel used to be one of my biggest challenges.  In fact, if someone had told me years ago that I could take any trip with only TWO pairs of shoes, I would have laughed them straight out of the airport.

I used to travel with four, five, sometimes SIX pairs of shoes for just a single trip.  Seriously, I was the person who showed up at the airport carrying a GIGANTIC suitcase, that would inevitable get awarded multiple “Heavy Bag” tags at check-in.

Clearly, the concept of “Wear One, Pack One” was nonexistent in my packing mentality.

See, the old me was all: two pairs of shoes is enough for, like, ONE day.  The problem with this attitude is that shoes are heavy and take up a TON of space.

So they’re one of the first things you should try to pare down if you’re trying to pack light. If taking only a carry on bag sounds good to you, you’ll love this list of travel essentials for women!

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Packing Shoes for Travel: My Tips

Now that I am a reformed, carry-on-only kind of girl, I say it CAN be done!  Today I bring you….packing inspiration for how to pack light when it comes to shoes.

So next time you’re heading out for a trip – try wearing your largest shoes on the plane, and packing just one (yes, ONE) other pair.  Here’s my general strategy when it comes to packing shoes:

packing shoes for travel
beach vacation: wedges / sandals
city sights: sneakers / boots
wedding weekend: heels / sandals
family visit: boots / slip-ons

Best Way to Pack Shoes for Travel

The best kinds of shoes for travel are versatile (meaning they can go with more than one outfit) and – wait for it – comfortable.  I enjoy a good heel as much as the next gal, but admittedly, heels don’t show up in my suitcase very often.

For more packing tips, check out my best packing tips for women!  And if you’re heading to Europe, you’ll want to check out my rundown on the most stylish walking shoes for Europe, where I include my top five picks.

For more ideas on how to pack light with style when it comes to shoes, check out my post on Stylish Flat Shoes for Travel, learn how to pack boots for travel,  and read up on why sneakers are the perfect travel shoe.


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